Are you one of the working parents who are too occupied to bring your kids back from school every day, cook for them, and guide them on their homework? Look no further! At NEXT Academy, we strive to create an atmosphere that is fun and welcoming, where students will be in good hands, giving you a peace of mind when you work. We provide Daily Healthy Meals and School Transfer services. Worry not, your children’s daily homework and spelling tests will also be covered by our professional coaches here!


您是否每天忙碌奔波,无暇去学校接孩子放学,为他们准备营养伙食,并教导孩子们的功课和听写呢?为了迎合家长们的需求,Next Academy 提供优良课程及崭新的学习体验,不仅可以让学生们在安全舒适的环境学习,也可勾起他们对于学习的热诚。此外,我们也提供安亲服务如每日营养伙食及载送,以便家长们可以在无需任何担忧的状况下专注于自己的工作。我们的老师也会负责监督孩子们的功课及听写。让专业人士做专业的事!

Subject Knowledge Enhancement

A strong foundation in Languages, Mathematics and Science Subjects will provide students with a great advantage on the global stage. At NEXT Academy, we make learning fun through creative teaching methods such as sing-along rhymes, storytelling sessions, video teaching sessions, linking methods and other engaging games. Trust us, if the right approaches are used based on different needs, your children will fall in love with learning and they’ll never forget what they’ve learned before!


我们不赞同读死书!凡事只要基础打得好,便可轻而易举就有突破性的表现。掌握好英文,马来文,华文数学和科学这五大科目能够帮助学生们在这竞争的社会里拥有更好的优势。经常听到家长前来咨询时说,“我孩子马来文太差了,数学也总学不会,该怎么办?”只要用对方式,其实要进步并不难。Next Academy 采取各有趣教学法如故事法则,影片教学,诗歌朗诵,联想法则,把最复杂的课程简单化,以开启学生们的创意思维,同时吸引学生们的专注力。相信我们,只要方法用对了,学生们自然而然会爱上学习!

Language Foundation

While a lot of students are facing difficulties in language subjects, from having problem understanding a passage to answering simple questions, the reason couldn’t be simpler than not having their foundation built properly. At NEXT Academy, we offer a program specially designed to improve students’ understanding of different languages. We aim to strengthen their foundation, making it easier for them to understand passages in different languages and changing their mindsets about writing essays. Lay the foundations right and they’ll find that understanding different languages is just as easy as snapping fingers!


不管是英文,马来文或华文,理解问答题通常是学生们最害怕面对的考题。若不了解所提供的文章,想必要问答问题是难之又难。这是为各个层次需求的学生所设计的课程。Next Academy通过使用正确的方法来帮助建立学生们的语言基础并使他们脱颖而出。我们希望透过加强学生们的基础能使他们更容易理解不同语言的文章,并改变他们对写作文的心态。把基础打好了,他们就会发现,理解不同的语言就像打响指一样容易!

School Holiday Program

“Teacher, this is the greatest experience in my life! I’ll always remember what I’ve done throughout this school holiday!” says one of the students from NEXT Academy. As teachers, what else could be more rewarding than hearing a comment like this? Our exciting Holiday Program offers an opportunity for students to further develop their learning power skills, through wide and varied activities such as hands-on art and craft activities, public speaking sessions, learning through songs, STEM experiments and so on for children to involve in. Rather than allowing your children to spend all of their leisure time playing video games, let your children experience a fun-filled and memorable full-day holiday program for their upcoming school holiday!


“老师,这是我人生中最难忘的假期!”令老师们感到欣慰的莫过于学生们真诚的回馈及感受。Next Academy 的欢乐假期班提供学生们各样化的活动,通过各种为学生们量身定做的学习体验,包括动手制作活动,演讲环节,欢乐歌曲学习,科学实验等项目来开窍他们的十大技能。与其让孩子们成天在家玩手机,不如让他们拥有前所未有的假期,将自己的假期回忆填上色彩。