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Holistic Daycare Services

Are you one of the working parents who are too occupied to bring your kids back from school every day…

Subject Knowledge Enhancement

A strong foundation in Languages, Mathematics and Science Subjects will provide students…

Strong Language Foundation

While a lot of students are facing difficulties in language subjects, from having problem understanding…

School Holiday Program

“Teacher, this is the greatest experience in my life! I’ll always remember what I’ve done…

Why Us

As the number of working parents has been increasing due to higher society demand, we hope by providing our services helps you to ease some burden from having to take care as well as to monitor your children’s learning progress, while at the same time, making sure they’re always mentally and physically happy and healthy.

“Nurturing young minds since 2010”

Giving your children not only the best tuition experience and daycare services, but also the Next Academy’s:


Unparalleled Experience

Compassionate Care

Unconditional Love

Our Results Speak for Themselves!

We are committed to providing an excellent experience to all our students, and constantly gather feedback to continuously improve our services. Over the past 13 years of operations, we have consistently gotten close to perfect satisfaction scores from our parents and students – and we will always strive to maintain this standard.

Voted OUTSTANDING by our parents and students!

What The Parents Say

About Us

What you get

  • Quality service & Great learning environment
  • Results
  • Ability to adapt to changes
  • Analyzing the problems
  • Creativity in solving problems
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Communication Skills

“ We believe that everyone, regardless of any circumstances, can change the world for the better by beautifully communicating their genuine ideas to the world.”


We inspire and nurture the human spirit by, touching the most fundamental part of humanity, redefining learning experience.


Giving you the best after-school learning experience